About S.P.I.A. Romania


In the presence of the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis, Prime Minister Mr. Dacian Cioloş and Foreign Minister, Mr. Lazar Comanescu, S.C. S.P.I.A. Secret Private Investigations Agency S.R.L. was awarded 1st place in the National Top of Companies Gala Edition XXIII of 2016 in the category of services, private detective – investigation activities and micro enterprises by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR).

Our experienced private investigators handle a wide variety of services.
What ever you’re concerned with internal employee issues, due diligence matters, other types of corruption, or external worries such as internal fraud, S.P.I.A. offer the expertise to get you answers and recover assets quickly :
– the conduct and the public morality of a person
– the solvency and the responsibilities if a physical or juridical person, a potential partner in business
– missing person (from home)
– the identification of a addresses
– the social-economic condition of a person, of your employees and your future employees
– the properties that are the object of civil or criminal litigation’s, alienated to the porpoise of honing the interests of a person in a trail
– the guarantee of protection against hacking information from your private life or from the activity of economic agents who want to keep it secret
– other situations of observing, following, supervisor and investigations related to the persons and properties.

If you will like a free consulting to discuss with our private investigators, please do not hesitate to contact S.P.I.A. today !

S.C. S.P.I.A. Secret Private Investigations Agency S.R.L.

CEO & Co-Founder George Irimia
Adresa: Str. Lt. Alexandru Popescu, nr. 3-11, et. 1, ap. 12, sector 3, cod 032577
Bucuresti – Romania
E-mail: office@spiadetectiv.ro
Telefon: +40 770 394 204
Website: http://www.spiadetectiv.ro




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