Detective Agency of Romania the S.P.I.A.

If you have a problem that will create you psychological discomfort or material damage and have considerate contacting a private detective, then we can offer a wide range of techniques and strategies to reach the solution you need. We offer professional services of:




Fraud corporations investigations, etc.


Date and information that you own of your business are limited, concealed or too dispersed and you can not shape your vision clear and objective over the business where you work, then through specific assure we creating a ”breach of observation clear and objective of your opaque data and information environment from your medial interest”

To convince you of our total support, we provide you FREE CONSULTATION.

S.P.I.A. Secret Private Investigations Agency


Bucharest – Romania

Phone: +4 0770 394 204   /  +4 0722 940 948




S.P.I.A. Secret Private Investigations Agency

S.P.I.A. is working in the field of private investigations since 1o years ago, accumulating extensive experience and expertise in this market segment.

The service we offer are designed for both individuals and legal persons be they corporations, agencies, law firms, notaries, etc. Detectives who working in our company are real professionals, able to cope with even the most difficult situations, guided by a code of ethics very well structured.


In time, we had the opportunity to get involved in cases of the most diverse, such infidelity, prenuptial investigations, conduct and public morality of a person, information gathering, fraud, etc.

Appealing to our help,  I believe you will find the answers to your  questions. Depending on the problems you face, we adopt various techniques and strategies to reach the solution you need.


Do not hesitate to contact us and you will not regret it!

Phone: +4 0770 394 204